Offering Day:  August 27, 2023

Our Mission. Your Mission.


Scripture teaches us the importance of “training up” the younger generation so that as they age, they’ll not depart from the truth. (Prov. 22:6) It is the goal of KYM to bring together the students of Kentucky to learn about God's word and His love for us so that as they get older, they’ll not depart from that truth.


To equip is to provide the necessary tools to accomplish a specific purpose. KYM strives to remind students of their purpose in Christ Jesus and to help equip them with the tools necessary to carry out that purpose.


Jesus urged His followers to "proclaim the Gospel to all of the world". (Mark 16:15) The urgency in His message is as evident today as it was back then. To impart is to communicate or pass on. It is the ultimate goal of KYM to spread this Gospel message of hope and life to any that would receive it.

Meet the team. We couldn't do it without them.

Logan Cranor

Youth President

Merritt Griffis

Youth Secretary

Adam Cox

Director of Promotions

Marcus Blake

Hyphen Director

Sectional Youth Leaders