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(The Netherlands) - CALHOUN, Allan and Carla

Jun 27, 2022    Allan Calhoun, Carla Calhoun
The Calhouns both graduated from UPBI (Northeast Christian College) in 1990, were married the same year and launched their ministry of assisting, pastoring, building a home missions church and now overseas missionary work. They pastored Oasis of Hope Church in Barrie, Ontario, for seventeen years and were certain that they would live and minister there until the rapture of the church. But God had a different process in mind. The next four years were full of radical changes that prepared them to be global missionaries to Europe.

In 2013 the Calhouns became furlough pastors at New Life Church in Gilford, Northern Ireland, and The Pentecostals of Dublin in The Republic of Ireland. Living and ministering in two nations they learned to carry both Euros and British pounds in their wallets simultaneously. After the Associates In Missions term in Ireland, at the invitation of Pastor Timothy Pickard, they spent a transitional time on the ministry team of First UPC. This was part of God’s process as Toronto is one of the world’s most multicultural cities, with 49% of its population having been born outside of Canada. There they were blessed to connect with, and mentor leaders who originated from Columbia, India, the Philippines and the Middle East. Michael Tuttle, the regional director for Europe & the Middle East invited the Calhouns to visit The Netherlands. God confirmed the call and they were appointed in September of 2015.

Upon reaching the field the Calhouns have been endorsed to launch a Leadership Training Process and focus on empowering leaders to reach the many urban centers in the Netherlands.