(Rwanda) - SPORTSMAN, Zach and Jen

Mar 3, 2022    Zach Sportsman
Zack and Jen Sportsman were members of The Life Church of Kansas City, under the leadership of Pastor Stan Gleason, where they were actively involved in diverse areas of ministry. This included adult Sunday School, outreach and evangelism, home Bible studies and African Immigrant ministry.

In 2011, they served under the Associates In Missions Program in West Africa. There they taught in the Bible school, trained local church leaders to establish children's Sunday school, facilitated a retreat for pastors kids and were involved in the personal development of the next generation of leaders.

Their first appointed country was a French speaking nation so when they went to the field they devoted time to language study. They also participated in the construction of the Wendell Gleason Memorial Education Center.

In 2019, they changed fields and are now working in Rwanda and Burundi.