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SOC: Save Our Children Fund is the lifeline of the Children’s Ministries on both the district and national levels. Half of all S.O.C. funds stays within the district for the promotion and advancement of Children’s Ministries work there. The other half of the S.O.C. money goes to headquarters for the furtherance of the national Children’s Ministries work.

The following projects are supported with S.O.C. funds:
North American SOC Rallies
Global Children’s SOC Rallies
Overseas Orphanages
UPCI Children’s Disaster Relief
Junior Bible Quizzing and the Junior Bible Quizzing National Finals
Teachers Certification
BREAD (Bible Reading Enriches Any Day)
Seven Super Sundays
Teacher Training
North American Youth Congress (NAYC)
UPCI Divisional Programs
Children’s Ministries General Conference Service
Family Ministry Council