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Kentucky District UPCI
Men's Ministry

Jim Adkins
Jim Adkins

Kentucky Men's Ministry Director


Phone: (270) 646-3800



Men's Retreat 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due To COVID-19

Men's Retreat 2019 Report


Bro. Jerry Dean did an OUTSTANDING job preaching and instructing our great men of KY.

We had 225+ in attendance.

As of now, I know of 6 who received the Holy Ghost and at least one who prayed back thru and I baptized him at Glasgow Sunday morning. One brother declared his back was healed Friday night!


Missionary to France Bro. Cooney and his family were with us and an offering was received for $5000.

Our men are givers and love our missionaries.

Jim D. Adkins


Anxious to see the amazing  "International Home" in Guatemala I connected with a pastor friend, Bro AJ Dummitt who happens to be our Global Missions Director for Kentucky.  He was planning a trip to Guatemala and was gracious enough to allowed me to join him.  Eleven of us made the trip October 3-11,  2017.

As soon as we landed and were greeted by missionary Lynn Jewett and settled in at the 'guest house' our plans began to unravel.  It seems the judge wanted to see the children the next day so our trip to the HOME was rearranged.  As Sis. Jewett says, "Keep in mind these five words, ' Remember where you are now', things change and quickly."  Adapt and be flexible while in Guatemala. " We also were 'washed out' from attending a district conference as planned because of road closures due to the fact that "it is the rainy season."   The USA embassy in Guatemala City encouraged all Americans to stay in Guatemala City due to the danger of mudslides.  We did and arranged to have services with two local pastors on Sunday.

For three days I felt this extreme heaviness that I could not shake.  Was it spiritual warfare? Was it the elevation and the altitude? I could not put a name on it. One night about five days after being in country and wrestling with this spirit of heaviness, the Lord awakened me at 3:04 a.m. I found I was crying and began to talk to the Lord and he talked to me.  He said, "This heaviness you feel is not spiritual oppression nor the extreme poverty that you see but it is the vastness of all the needs you see around you and it overwhelms your spirit.

It's the the realization of so much that needs to be done and you are so limited."  It was then that I remembered.  A lady had approached me at the end of one day shopping at some street vendors.  She wanted me to buy a table runner that she had spent 30 days weaving.  She said she had been there all day in the rain and had sold nothing.  She was a mother of three and needed money to feed her children and for the one hour bus ride to home.  I did not need the table runner nor did I want it, but I bought her story and her table runner for $20.  She said her name was Margarita and  she would be back tomorrow so please buy something from her.  We never saw Margarita again.  The Lord said, "The task is great and you cannot help all, but you did make a difference for one."  My heaviness lifted.

We visited the 'Home' on two different days and our group was able to do some painting and build some shelf frames that were needed.  Our time interacting with the children was limited but the knowledge that each child reached and given a chance for a better life is worth the sacrifices we make regardless of how little it may seem.  We cannot do all but we can help at least ONE.

Sis Jewett and her staff are making a difference in the lives of those little ones.  Their need for more sponsors and partners in missions is all that limits them.  The facilities are beautiful and the workers are willing.  We may not be able to reach them all, but we can help one little one or someone like 'Margarita.'





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